30th Jun2011

2000 Year Of The Dragon Gold & Silver Collections


In the lead up to the release of the 2012 issues, we’ll be sourcing out some content from the previous round of Lunar Dragon releases, which debuted on the market in 2000. First up, we have the 2000 Year Of The Dragon Gold Collection! Sourced from an old Money Catalogue from Australian numismatic dealer, Downies, this little writeup does well in conveying the sheer brilliance and utter magnificence of the collections.

The Year 2000 is also the Year of the Dragon – the symbolic representation of the New Year in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The Year 2000 Australian Lunar Series of silver and gold coins from the Perth Mint will launch what will be a memorable year of celebration.

Those born in the Year of the Dragon are known for their powerful and majestic spirit. Confident and strong, the Dragon is dynamic, exciting and irresistible. With this in mind, the Perth Mint has created coins of power, with outstanding designs epitomising the Dragon’s indomitable spirit.

The Unquenchable Fire – The Golden Dragon

2000 Year of the Dragon Gold Colletion

$100 1oz Gold Proof

Incorporating traditional Chinese symbolism within a glorious modern design, the Year 2000 Australian Lunar Gold Series reveals all of the technical brilliance of the Perth Mint.

Each of the coins depicts a Chinese dragon design, set amongst clouds, gazing at a pearl. The clouds reflect good fortune, while the pearl is the highest symbol of purity – entirely apt for coins of pure gold from the precious metal specialists at the Perth Mint.

The worldwide popularity of the dragon motif will ensure unprecedented international demand for these stunning coins. Available as 1/20, 1/10, ¼ and One Ounce sizes, each of these coins is

  • Graced with a  superb design of the Year of the Dragon, with a Chinese character to signify its place in the Lunar Calendar, as well as the Millennium date 2000
  • Struck in .9999 fine gold to Specimen quality
  • Housed in a capsule, and is available encased as a set of four complete with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Unique and eminently collectable.

Enter The Dragon! New Silver Lunar Bullion!

2000 Year of the Dragon Silver Collection

50c 1oz Silver Proof

The New Year of the Dragon Specimen silver coins are highlighted by exceptional designs, defined by their clarity and backed by an authority that is impossible to ignore.  Intricately detailed, yet smooth and elegant, these stunning silver coins are simply a pleasure to look upon.

Comprising five pure silver coins, the series includes the One Kilo, as well as the One, Two and Ten Ounce coins. The great success of the Perth Mint’s first ever bullion half ounce coin, the 1999 Year of the Rabbit, will assuredly be repeated in the Year of the Dragon.

As it prepares to enter another century of excellence, the Year 2000 Australian Lunar Silver Series takes the Perth Mint’s Precious Metal Program to a new level. Each of these superbly crafted coins

  • Depicts the Year of the Dragon, with a Chinese character signifying its place in the Lunar Calendar
  • Is struck from .999 fine silver to the flawless Specimen quality of the Perth Mint
  • Comes encapsulated, with the full set of five available in an attractive presentation case, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Is unique, affordable and highly collectable.
27th Jun2011

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