24th Aug2011

Perth Mint Gold and Silver 2012 Lunar Dragons


Capturing the magic surrounding the Year of the Dragon comes the newest releases from the Perth Mint – the 2012 Year of the Dragon Silver and Gold Bullion Series. Occupying the fifth and favourite position within the Zodiac, the dragon is the only mythical creature and undoubtedly the most sought after lunar commemorative.

Perth Mint 2012 Lunar Dragon Gold

A highly anticipated release, the Perth Mint’s Bullion Series provides an option for every collector, with issues ranging from 1/2oz through to a massive 10Kilo release, with each struck from either .999 fine silver or 99.99% pure gold – this series is sure to spark excitement from even the newest of collectors.

With confidence, passion, independence and self assurance key qualities for those lucky enough to be born under this sign, The Perth Mint stunningly illustrates the innate beauty of this renowned creature cradling a pearl upon its reverse.

An ideal gift for those born under this diverse sign (1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 and 2012) the 2012 Year of the Dragon Gold and Silver  Bullion coins are sure to create a great stir amongst collectors and investors alike!

Perth Mint 2012 Lunar Dragon Silver
These stunning releases will be available from Downies.com as of 1st September 2011. We’ll be sure to remind you all via Twitter and Facebook the minute they go live!

19th Aug2011

Laos 2012 Year of the Dragon Jade 2 Ounce Silver Coin


Released by the Government of Laos, this new silver coin struck to exact proof quality has been issued to celebrate the 5th animal in the Chinese Zodiac calendar, the Dragon! This is only the second coin in the prestigious Lunar series from Laos, and comes after the success of the 2011 Jade Rabbit Silver Proof. Standing out from other Lunar coins, this special silver coin is enhanced not only with selective Gold-plating, but also by the inclusion of a ring of genuine Burmese jade!

Jade Dragon 2oz Silver Proof

Inspired by the 12-year cycle of animals that make up the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, the Dragon is regarded as the most powerful signs, occupying the fifth position within the Zodiac. There are several stories about how the order of the 12 animals came to be. One of those stories tells of the Jade Emperor organising a swimming race between all animals, with the first twelve to make it across the river having a year named after them. The Dragon came in fifth position – despite being able to both fly and swim – on account of being helpful to some of the other animals trying to make it across.

Those born under in the years of the Dragon are said to be honest, free spirited, healthy, energetic, excitable, short-tempered and stubborn, as well as somewhat flamboyant – with big ideas, ornate gestures and extreme ambitions.

With this 2012 Jade Dragon Silver coin we see a representative combination of success and happiness, brought about through the Year of the Dragon, together with balance, healing and humanitarian qualities symbolic of the inclusion of the Jade. A captivating work of numismatic art, the reverse design of this silver Proof portrays a gold-plated profile of a dragon enclosed within a ring of genuine Burmese Jade – individually certified by the Gem Appraisal Center of Peking University in Beijing. Framed by two traditional Chinese dragons headlined by the character for 2012, this issue is fittingly housed within a red presentation case complete with a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the tiny mintage of just 2,888 coins.

This stunning Year of the Dragon Jade and Silver coin is currently available for Pre-Order now at Euro Collections International, with delivery set for early September.

18th Aug2011

Royal Australian Mint – 2012 Lunar Dragons


The first round of 2012 Lunar Dragon releases has hit! The Royal Australian Mint have offered up a beautifully timeless design in Gold, Silver and Al-Bronze Unc. All three releases are now available from Downies.com. Direct links at the bottom of the article!

These little beauties are going to go like hot cakes, so we’d advise those who are thinking of a purchase, to secure yours ASAP!

Royal Australian Mint 2012 Lunar Dragons

 The only mythological creature featured in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, and unquestionably the most famous of the twelve year-signs, it will come as no surprise that the Year of the Dragon coins are the most sought after Lunar New Year commemoratives worldwide. In 2012, we will once again celebrate the Year of the Dragon, with the Royal Australian Mint naturally issuing an array of coins to honour the role of this legendary beast in the Chinese Lunar Cycle.

A much anticipated release, the RAM’s new 2012 Year of the Dragon Series provides an option for every collector. With this unique Year of the Dragon Australian legal tender type struck from glittering gold, sumptuous silver and affordable al-bronze, the latest addition to the RAM’s first ever Lunar coin series is sure to be as sought after as its predecessors.

The most prestigious acquisition of the 2012 series, the 1/10oz .9999 fine gold Proof will undoubtedly be highly sought after by Lunar collectors and gold collectors alike. Beautifully presented in an official RAM case, complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, this 17.53mm diameter Proof coin has a tiny mintage of just 2,500! An affordable, yet prestigious gift, the 25mm 11.66g .999 fine silver Proof is also superbly presented within an official RAM case, accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity confirming the strictly limited edition of 10,000. Not to be issued for circulation and a must-have for a complete $1 collection, the 25mm al-bronze Year of the Dragon $1 is just as important to traditional collectors as it is to Lunar buyers.

Forming a fantastic gift for anyone born in the Year of the Dragon (1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988 or 2000), each of these official, brilliantly designed Australian legal tender coins is available at the Mint’s Official Issue Price.

All three releases are now available to purchase from Downies.com

2012 $10 Year Of The Dragon Gold Proof

2012 $1 Year Of The Dragon Silver Proof

2012 $1 Year Of The Dragon Al-Br BU

08th Aug2011

Year Of The Dragon 2012 Releases!


Just a quick post to notify you all that we have received confirmation that Mid-August will see the first round of Year Of The Dragon 2012 coin releases!

At this stage we can’t reveal much else, but rest-assured, we’ll have information the minute it comes to hand!

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Our site will be your one-stop resource for everything Year Of The Dragon coin related – concentrating on Australian minted releases from Perth Mint, along with world releases from across the globe – gold, silver, platinum, bronze – you name it, we’ll cover it!