DragonLegendary and mythical, dominant and ambitious, 2012 is the ‘Year of the Dragon’. Based upon the 12-year cycle of animals that makes up the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, the Dragon is one of the most powerful signs, occupying the fifth and favourite position within the Zodiac.

Falling within the date range of January 23 2012 to February 9 2013, the 2012 ‘Year of the Dragon’ holds the elemental sign of water. Symbolic of its initial origin of emperor and power, today’s translation communicates this passionate and uninhibited sign into success and happiness.

Characterized by free spirits, healthy, energetic, excitable, short-tempered and stubborn, people born under the ‘Year of the Dragon’ are flamboyant with big ideas, ornate gestures and extreme ambitions. However confidence and fearlessness in the face of challenge is their Achilles heel, motivating success yet causing a disregard for rules and restrictions.

In the lead up to the 2012 ‘Year of the Dragon’, this website will aim to bring you the latest news and updates on all releases centering around the world’s favorite sign. Combining innovative designs with state of the art minting techniques, each 2012 precious metal issue will be sure to command the attention of any who may be lucky enough to gaze upon them!

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