03rd Apr2012

2012 Year of the Dragon Silver Ten-Coin Set


Set to cause a great stir across the market, the Perth Mint has just announced the newest 2012 Year of the Dragon commemorative to be issued into their diverse range.

Headlined by the sold-out 1oz Silver Bullion coin, this spectacular set also features nine additional 1oz specimen coins struck from .999 fine silver. Depicting the Perth Mint’s iconic dragon across each 45.60mm diameter, each of the nine coins are precisely enhanced by an array of full-colour designs. Coloured in red, blue, brown, purple, silver, white, yellow, black and gold, representative of the traits of the effervescent Lunar Dragon, each Australian legal tender issue is strictly limited to a 2,500 set mintage.

Destined to be devoured across the global market, immediate action will be vital to secure this remarkable set. With a small allocation available at Downies.com – delay will only disappoint!

24th Jan2012

Singapore 2012 Hong Bao Mint Set


The perfect way to welcome 2012’s Year of the Dragon, the Singapore Mint has just announced the release of the new Hong Bao Mint Set.

A vibrant presentation to what is sure to be a hotly pursued commemorative – each Hong Bao Mint Set is struck to the highest standards of the Singapore Mint. Comprised of the six official legal tender coins – the 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1 and the scalloped edged $5 coin, each set is housed within a superbly illustrated, traditional red envelope.

A unique yet traditional way to welcome the dawn of the Year of the Dragon, to secure your Hong Bao Mint Set head on over to Downies.com!

23rd Jan2012

Fiji 2012 $50 Lunar Dragon Mother Of Pearl 5oz Silver Proof


The epitome of numismatic craftsmanship, underpinned by prestige, style and absolute class, the Fiji 2012 $50 Year of the Dragon Mother of Pearl 5oz Silver Proof has been perhaps the biggest Year of the Dragon commemorative yet! Limited to a mintage of just 888 coins – all of which have been devoured by international collectors – Downies are the only Australian supplier to have secured a mere 60 coins for a February release!

Featuring start-of-the-art minting capabilities combined with sheer numismatic innovation, this exquisite Proof is adorned with a genuine Mother of Pearl inner core. Struck to the perfection of Proof quality from a massive five ounces of .999 fine silver, each official legal tender tribute encompasses a unique dragon design across its huge 65mm diameter flan.

Housed within fitting presentation completed with an informative, numbered Certificate of Authenticity, each Mother of Pearl Silver Proof truly is the pinnacle of first-class minting! Sold out immediately at the mint, Downies is perhaps your only chance to reserve your 2012 Year of the Dragon Mother of Pearl 5oz Silver Proof – immediate action will be vital!

22nd Nov2011

Mythology meets Reality


Having searched the globe for the newest release from The Perth Mint – the 2011 Beijing International Coin Exposition East Meets West ½ ounce Two-Coin Set has finally been tracked down!

Without a doubt one of the hottest 2-coin sets to be released this year – with over two thirds of the mintage immediately sold out at the Beijing Show – each official Australian Legal Tender issue is presented within an illustrated envelope. Depicting the Perth Mint’s iconic Year of the Dragon design in anticipation for 2012, the second coin features an Australian Koloa asleep in a eucalyptus tree.

With only a limited number of sets available – head on over to Downies.com to secure yours today!

22nd Nov2011

Dragons hot off the press!


Two releases that no one anticipated to be issued into the already flawless range commemorating 2012’s Year of the Dragon, comes the Royal Australian Mint’s Lunar Dragon Coloured 1oz Silver Proof and 1/10oz Gold Proof.

Celebrating the world’s favourite lunar sign, each pad printed coin depicts the RAM’s signature dragon upon a vivid coloured background. Struck to the highest of Proof quality from .999 fine silver, the 40.00mm Silver Proof is restricted to a global mintage of just 18,000 coins. A highly exclusive, matching, 17.53mm Gold issue, crafted also to Proof quality from .9999 fine gold – this exquisite coin is limited to a mintage of just 8,000 coins.

Issued as official Australian Legal tender, and struck specifically for an international corporate order – only a minuscule number of each the 1oz Silver Proof and 1/10oz Gold Proof will be available on the market – head on over to Downies.com to try to secure what is sure to be one of the most popular RAM releases yet!

08th Nov2011

The 2012 1oz Lunar Dragon Silver Unc Returns, available exclusively at Downies!


Without a doubt one of the most popular lunar coins to be issued thus far – with initial allocations of this captivating Uncirculated coin selling out at both Downies – Australia’s leading distributer of world coins and banknotes, and The Perth Mint instantaneously, after an extensive search throughout global networks, Downies has been able to secure a tiny quantity of the 2012 1oz Lunar Dragon Silver Unc Specimen from Europe!

Struck from 1oz of .999 pure silver, this captivating coin proudly depicts The Perth Mint’s signature dragon design on the reverse. A highly prestigious Australian Legal Tender release, each coin has been endorsed by the Australian Government for assurance of its weight and purity. With a global mintage of 300,000 coins selling out at groundbreaking speed, the 1oz 2012 Silver Specimen Coin is undoubtedly one of the hottest lunar releases yet!

Currently retailing for just $99.00 – head on over to Downies to secure your 2012 1oz Lunar Dragon Silver Unc Specimen today!

02nd Nov2011

Tuvalu 2012 50c Baby Dragon 1/2oz Silver Proof


An iconic release to be issued into the Perth Mint’s unwavering Year of the Dragon collection, the 2012 50c Baby Dragon Proof is sure to capture the inner child of every collector. Struck to Proof quality from 1/2oz of .999 pure silver, this full coloured, pad printed design is the perfect release to welcome the festive season!

Tuvalu 2011 50c Baby Dragon 1/2oz Silver Proof

Depicting a baby dragon carrying a sackful of gifts across its 36.60mm diameter reverse, this legal tender coin features Ian Rank- Broadley’s effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. Housed within fitting Perth Mint presentation, each Baby Dragon Proof is housed within a plush display case and illustrated outer shipper and completed with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the global mintage of just 7,500 coins.

With the overwhelming demand for all Year of the Dragon releases continuing strongly across the globe – this Silver Proof will be no exception. With a small allocation available at downies.com be quick to guarantee supply!

02nd Nov2011

Canada 2012 $15 Lunar Lotus-Shaped Silver Proof


The perfect tribute to the enchanting Dragon sign, the 2012 $15 Lunar Lotus Dragon Silver Proof is the epitome of Royal Canadian Mint craftsmanship. The third release in an exceptional series housing the innovative scalloped edge design reminiscent of a lotus flower, this charismatic release features a detailed dragon across its 38mm flan.

Canada 2012 $15 Lunar Lotus-Shaped Dragon Silver Proof

Struck to perfect Proof quality from .9999 fine silver, each coin is individually housed in Royal Canadian Mint’s flawless presentation. A truly captivating issue to welcome one of the most favoured Chinese lunar signs, the Canada 2012 Lunar Lotus Proof is now available at downies.com. With the choice between a presentation case or individual shipper – be sure to secure your next release today!

12th Oct2011

Perth Mint’s 1oz Gold Lunar Dragon Returns!


Without a doubt the most popular Lunar Dragon release thus far – new stock of the Perth Mint’s 2012 1oz Gold Dragon has just been announced! A product so immensely pursued by collectors and investors alike – the 2012 1oz Gold Lunar Dragon sold out instantaneously throughout almost every distributor across Australia and the world!

Perth Mint 1oz Gold $100 Unc

Depicting the Perth Mint’s signature 2012 Lunar Dragon design on the reverse, this highly popular issue is strictly limited to a global mintage of just 30,000 coins! Struck as official Australian Legal Tender, each coin is crafted to immaculate Perth Mint presentation – struck from an entire Troy ounce of .9999 fine gold.

Conveying the effervescent traits that makes the dragon the globes favourite lunar sign, the 2012 1oz Gold Lunar Dragon is now available for purchase from either Downies or Euro Collections International – however with original allocations sold out within hours and our current stock sourced from Europe – immediate action is vital!

Stay tuned for more 2012 Lunar Dragon product releases and updates!

06th Oct2011

2012 $30 Year of the Dragon Ruby Eye Kilo Silver Specimen


One of the world’s largest legal tender issues this massive one kilo, .999 silver, full colour specimen is undoubtedly one of the most captivating releases to be issued thus far. Commanding the attention of collectors and investors alike, this dramatic one kilo silver coin is adorned by a genuine ruby in the right eye of the dragon!

Perth Mint Kil Gemstone Dragon

With the weight and purity of this legal tender issue guaranteed by the Australian Government, this Perth Mint struck coin is sure to be devastated by the uncontrollable market demand – head to downies.com for more information.